Autumn is for learning

There is something about the rain and the gloom that, far from depressing me, instead energises me. Especially at this time of year.

When I was a young boy, I would prissily and rather pathetically dream ahead during the summer holidays to when the new school term would begin. And which new teachers I would have. I wanted to learn new things, not lounge around on beaches and get to know other boys and girls my age: I couldn’t achieve any grades in socialising!

Okay, I have learnt to relax a bit more over the years, but only just.

But this week, I have again reminded myself that I love to learn. Even though I can be thin-skinned at times, and need to be more resilient when I receive critical feedback, I love the process of getting my head down.

I have started a new teacher training course, where I hope in five weeks’ to complete a course in teaching English as a Second Language. It’s intense. Last night, I was producing a lesson plan until midnight, listening while I revised it to The Style Council and to David Bowie. Classy, right. I am tired and a bit stressed too. Homework needs completing. Pretty much every night. But I am looking at social media less. I have an occupation – of sorts’! And in the process I am also occupied with that one other major love of mine – people watching. It is endlessly fascinating.

What have you started learning lately? Big or small, it’s great to use the autumn to learn something new.