Welcome to my coaching page.

In early 2020, I qualified as a coach in generative coaching with the International Association for Generative Change (IAGC). I was lucky enough to train with a great group of experienced counsellors, psychotherapists, NLP practitioners and hypnotherapists. The world has changed a lot since then, but the period since has reaffirmed how important coaching is to me, and how big a contribution I feel coaching can make to people’s lives. 

What is coaching?

We’ve all been coached at some point or other. Whether it was by our parents, who gave us the confidence to learn new things, or a mentor at school who saw our potential or helped guide us through challenging times. We’ve been surrounded by coaches; we just didn’t use that label. It’s nothing especially fancy. I don’t pretend coaching is anything glamourous; in fact, it’s probably what you imagine it to be, which is timely support to help you get on in life. It’s important to clarify it is not counselling or psychotherapy and it is not professional help with mental health needs. I am certified in coaching but I am not qualified to provide mental health support.

Why have coaching?

Life can get challenging. We often find we don’t have the time to truly look inwards. Let alone stop and breathe. Simply put, coaching – like meditation, yoga and many other traditions – helps you to do just that: to pause, reflect, and reset. Taken to the fullest potential, and having benefited from coaching myself, I see how it can help to break unhelpful habits and rethink and reassess obstacles. It can help you to live life on your terms – a life with fewer regrets and more in tune with your true wants and needs.

What type of coach am I?

I trained in Generative Coaching which emphasises our different forms of ‘intelligence’. One way to describe this approach is that to truly achieve transformative change in our lives, generative coaching states we might need to listen to our emotions a lot more than we’ve become accustomed to in western cultures. Our intellect – our cognitive capacities – can only take us so far.

When we find we keep on experiencing the same challenges or we’re not able to pursue tough goals, we have to look a little deeper than some coaching approaches ordinarily allow. This is where generative coaching comes in because we take a thorough look at all the things going on in our lives and what on a deep emotional level we might still need to address or change. I like to characterise generative coaching as a highly interactive approach – not just getting a pad of paper and a pen and plotting an abstract timeline, hoping a few listed promises will see us change our lives. There’s some hard work involved and that’s where we have to engage with our true selves – our desires, obstacles and, yes, our emotions.

My background

Prior to this, my background saw me work in a number of senior management and leadership roles within UK non-governmental organisations. I led teams to success and found myself adopting a coaching approach to develop and mentor peers. In 2019, a major operation meant I decided to change my career and slow down a little. I wanted to draw on some of my other skills and talents and I’m now a freelance coach, as well as a TEFL teacher and a writer. Do please check out my blog here for access to some of my writing.