About Me

Perhaps like me, you don’t quite have everything worked out in life. Certainly it would be wrong of me to pretend I have everything worked out. I think even my oldest relatives would confess one never fully “works out” how to live their life; they do the very best they can. 

I am keen to use this website to help you connect with information, but perhaps most important of all – to inspire you – to find your way through life the very best you can.

I am a 37 year old Londoner but now living and travelling around Europe and Morocco. I love travel, especially in South America. I am also an openly gay man, and spiritually and culturally Jewish, but secular in the main.

I had a kidney operation in early 2019, donating to a close family member, which helped crystallise what I wanted to do – and change – in my life.

Life is so short. It is going so fast.

This is a website for all of us – me included – to reset, reflect and live with no regrets.