Reset and take a new direction

Life can be busy sometimes. In fact, it’s busy nearly all the time. And we can lose sense of what we want and need, even who we are. Perhaps it’s time to reset with my personalised coaching service.
Blue Monday

Self-hug Tuesday

Monday may well have been Blue. Today, acknowledge and welcome it, it’s part of the team. There’s no need to cast these challenges away. We can’t – they are in the pit of our stomach.

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(Mostly) happy with where I am

Age is just a number

I imagine myself at 74, whether I will be jogging, whether as the esteemed US author, Ken Druck, terms it, I will be ‘flourishing in the second half of life’.

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Closing my eyes and Indonesian lessons

Learning a new language can be both highly individual but also needs a bit of fun thrown in too. What I hadn’t bargained for was that the form of Indonesian I would be learning would be – how shall I put it – potentially useless!

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Spiral staircase

Autumn is for learning

There is something about the rain and the gloom that, far from depressing me, instead energises me. Especially at this time of year. When I was a young boy, I

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